Student doctor network forums > dental forums [ dds / dmd ] > pre-dental > dental specialties pda view full version : dental specialties budfrog 01-10-2001, 09:33 am i am interested in specializing in one of the dental specialties - probably oral and maxillofacial surgery. cheap viagra online Does anyone have any information regarding specializing? cheap generic viagra What are the best dental schools to go to if you want to specialize? Is there anything i need to do before i get to dental school if i am interested in specialties? buy viagra What about when i get to dental school? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! viagra online Turtleboard 01-10-2001, 05:19 pm i looked into oms a while back when i was in college. It's a really tough program with a very limited number of spots. viagra no prescription Only the top dental grads get an oms spot and you have to score wildly high. side effects of expired viagra Something like the top 5% of the country's dental students will go into oms. As with anything in academia, a school's reputation can carry you into fellowship. So i'd go to the school with the best reputation if oms was in my future. Tim w. Of n. Y. C. Sterichind 01-11-2001, 08:15 am hello everyone, i must beg to differ a little with tim. Let me just say that each dental school has alotted to them a certain number of positions in each specialty, and the top students of each class at each dental school get the positions. viagra how long before it takes effect Now lets analyze elite students, they think the same. They all decide to go to harvard, columbia and other top rated and ivy schools because they believe that they have more positions available for specialities than another lower rated school. how does viagra for daily use works Maybe because of their class size it seems that they are sending more students but the percentage is usually 20% of the class. how does viagra for daily use works Now harvard and the other top schools trick these students with broad wording into thinking that they have an enormous amount of positions available to them because they are who they are. However, i believe there is a standard agmonst the schools probably from the ada that says that only a certain amount of their students will go to a specialty. So what i would tell a student consid. how does viagra for daily use works